March City Trips

March is the month most often associated with St Patrick’s Day, but it’s also one of the most perfect times to do some serious sightseeing. Almost everywhere the weather is perfect—warm days, chilly nights—you won’t freeze, and you won’t sweat while exploring cities and trying out a fun new outdoor activity.

Here are seven of the best places to visit during this transitional month:

1 Istanbul, Turkey

During the month of March in Turkey, you’ll notice a gradual temperature rise as the month ushers in the spring season. The best thing about visiting Istanbul at this time is that you won’t have to deal with dense crowds, so you’ll really get to take in the colourful lights of the city.

This also makes it the perfect time to visit the famous Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and catch the beginning of the International Tulip Festival.

2 Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea, but in March you’ll experience the city coming to life as it thaws from the winter season. It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of visiting the Louvre and the many parks and flea markets without all the other tourists buzzing around.

3 Buenos Aires, Argentina

March in Argentina denotes autumn rather than spring, but it’s still just as beautiful—and warm—during this time. It’s actually one of the best times to visit Argentina because you’ll really be able to enjoy an outdoor trip or city tour without getting overheated.

4 Barcelona, Spain

Spain is wonderful all year, even during the rainy season. But March is exceptional because the weather is perfect and just like the rest of Europe at this time, there are fewer crowds. Plus, there are plenty of great festivals that happen in Barcelona in March—the Sant Medir Festival, the International Beer Festival, the Barcelona Marathon, the St Patrick’s Day Festival, the Festival of Saint Josep Oriol, and more.

5 Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the best cities to visit in Portugal—and all of Europe! There is so much to do and see here that it’s hard to find a starting point. One of the things you have to do regardless of the season here is to find a free city tour guide. These city tours give you a taste of the urban culture and walk you through some of Portugal’s most prominent history. You can also check out the MONSTRA Animated Film Festival.

6 Cairo, Egypt

You’ll never experience anything in your life quite like Egypt. It’s the land of the wonders, rich in ancient and mysterious history. Whether you’re visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, trekking through the desert, or snorkelling in the Red Sea, March is the perfect time to visit. The events you won’t want to miss out on in Cairo in March include the Colour Festival, the International Food Festival, and other events.

7 Hanoi, Vietnam

March in Hanoi ranges from mild to hot, but you’d enjoy it if it were below freezing—trust us! Hanoi is known for its exploration on foot, exquisite cuisine, multi-cultural communities, vibrant nightlife, silks, and artisan crafts. During the month of March, you’ll encounter festivals galore—there’s even a taco festival! The things to do are endless here, and the weather is far from chilly as Asia gears up for its rainy season and summer months.

No matter where you go in March (within reason) you’ll experience temperate conditions and plenty of adventure. Wherever you plan to go, just be sure to check the weather and pack accordingly—you can never go wrong with layers and a camera!