Top 5 Beaches in Vietnam

What do you think of when we talk about Vietnam? The delicious cuisine, the amazing fauna and flora and, of course, the awe-inspiring beaches!
If you’ve been looking for the perfect destination for a beach holiday, then you found it. The difficult task will be to choose which beaches to check but, as usual, we’re here to help. These five Vietnamese beaches are on our must-visit list and we think they should be on yours too!

Long Beach

Hiking, kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding, and even squid fishing: there’s no adventure you can’t have at Long Beach. Conveniently located 4 miles away from the Phu Quoc International Airport, this beach is the most popular one on the island and it has plenty of restaurants, bars, and luxury resorts close-by.
Our tip is that you visit during the dry season, as it tends to be a lot more pleasant than the monsoon season. And while you’re there, don’t forget to rent a motorbike and go on the ride of your life!

Danang Beach

Second on our list is Danang, a beach that is easily accessible by public transportation and loved by pretty much anyone who visits Vietnam. If all you want is to sit back and relax, this beach has the perfect environment for it - the white sand, the endless blue ocean, the dense forest on the horizon… we’re dozing off just thinking about it. If you ever get a little bit too relaxed, you can always go surfing or scuba diving!
Pro tip: Danang beach actually goes by several names, like My Khe and Da Nang, so keep that in mind to avoid misunderstandings!

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach is located in Phan Thiet, a fishing district turned into a popular beach destination. If you want an off-the-beaten-path spot, this isn’t the beach for you, but if you don’t mind being surrounded by tourists, you can certainly have the holiday of a lifetime at Mui Ne Beach.
Although you can go surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, this beach still has quite a peaceful atmosphere to it, perfect to get your energy levels back up.
Pro tip: Traveling with children? With its unique microclimate, Miu Ne Beach is a great option for family trips!

Nha Trang Beach

If you know you want to go on a scuba diving adventure, then you must visit Nha Trang Beach. Surrounded by amazing luxury resorts, this beach has become a popular choice among scuba divers, as well as sailors.
To relax after your water adventures, nothing like a mud bath in a Vietnamese spa. And when you get tired of the beach, why not go on a hot air balloon ride or check the Phu Dong water park?

Sam Son Beach

The Sam Son beach is all about relaxing and submerging yourself in the culture of the town. Although you can go on water adventures - or it wouldn’t be a Vietnamese beach - Sam Son stands out for its vibrant, yet laid-back atmosphere.
While you’re there, make sure to indulge in the mouth watering local seafood and rent a bike to explore the town. Whenever you need a pause from the beach, there are plenty of attractions for you to visit. Trong Mai Rocks, Truong Le Mountain Range, Mount Co Tien… you choose!

So, are you dying to dive deep into the beautiful blue ocean and go on countless summer adventures? Now you know that, in Vietnam, there’s no shortage of beaches to choose from. No matter which one you go for, we know you’ll make unforgettable memories!